Rainbow Six Siege gets two new operators, a new map and weapon skins in the newest update

by: Nathan -
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Rainbow Six Siege's first batch of Season Pass content drops today with the "Operation Black Ice" content pack, and with it bring a new map, two brand new operators and new weapons skins.

The two new operators, Buck and Frost will be from the Canadian special operations JTF 2 force. Buck will get a Shotgun/Assault Rifle combo and Frost will be able to deploy leg traps which will capture enemies, leaving them to be easily picked off by any friendlies nearby. The content back also brings the new "Yacht" map, which as you would expect, features a Yacht which has been shipwrecked in the icy waters of the Hudson Bay  

For those who own the Season Pass you will have instant access to the two new operators immediately. Non-Season Pass owners can unlock the new operators with in-game currency or R6 credits starting February 9th. The new map will be free for everyone immediately. 

The Operation Black Ice content pack is currently available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.