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Setting, jokes, danger, and kissy stuff in four short Firewatch videos

by: Randy -
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Developer Campo Santo just put out four vignettes from upcoming talk-'em-up Firewatch. These aren't trailers in the traditional sense, which is great, too. The first video, "Ambience," is like 40 seconds of YouTube's excellent Other Places video series, but this one's contained within the Firewatch universe. The second video is "Trowel," and it's a quick lesson in how a poop joke can be dry and witty. "The Shale Slide" ups the ante; it's a reminder that being on firewatch is a dangerous job. And then "The June Fire" brings out Firewatch's sweet, romantic side, even in the face of wildfire season.

Firewatch is out in one week, February 9, on Steam and PlayStation 4. Knowing this game was coming out heavily influenced my decision to get a PS4 over an Xbox One.

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