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Take to the skies with the Guild Wars 2 January update

by: Rob -
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Introducing the biggest changes to the game since October's release of the Heart of Thorns expansion, ArenaNet dropped their winter update for Guild Wars 2 yesterday. The update introduces gliders and will allow players to explore Tyria from an entirely new vantage. The update also:

  • introduces a revamped dragon encounter with the 5-story dragon Shatterer
  • brings Tybalt Leftpaw in as a PvP reward Mist Champion
  • opens the Brew of the Month club with Master Brewer Desch Metz at Queensdale's Eldvin Monastery
  • performs some major balancing updates
  • and if you head over now you can even celebrate the Lunar New Year with a party in the Crown Pavilion. Through February 9th there's fireworks to shoot off, a Dragon Ball PvP mini-game, and rewards. 

More details can be found at the official website.