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Dying Light Turns into a Nightmare

by: Michelle -
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Techland has published another episode of its "Highlights" video series. This episode the developer talks in detail about the additional content and multiple improvements that will be added to the upcoming Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition

Producer Tymon Smektala has provided more insight into the design of Nightmare Mode:

"We've designed the Nightmare Mode for those seeking a really challenging and immersive experience. Nightmare Mode takes everything that was brutal in our Hard Mode and twists it even more". "We're trying to bring the Dying Light experience closer and closer to the feeling of a real apocalypse survival experience where every move you make can really determine if you live or die. We've added one bit of salvation though. Playing Nightmare Mode in co-op will earn you XP faster and increase your chance of finding gold tier weapons."

Check out the video below which focuses on the new difficulty level, Nightmare Mode, that restricts overpowered Easter Egg weapons, introduces XP penalties for dying, ramps up the difficulty of enemies and more!

Nightmare Mode will be part of Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition, which will be released February 9, 2016 for Xbox One (boxed and digital) and PlayStation 4. For those who already own the base game, the Dyling Light: The Following expansion will be available to individually download the content. Further buying options are detailed on their official website.