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Electronic Arts pulls out of E3; announces their own public event

by: Sean Cahill -
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We're still a few months away from E3 2016, but the event was rocked with the news that Electronic Arts, one of the largest developers/publishers in the industry, has pulled out of the show and will be holding their own event in June.

There are very few companies in the industry that can pull this off and get away with it. Blizzard has their own event and rumblings of other large publishers (see: Activision) opting to do the same has been going on for a number of years. Still, this is big news. EA has become so big that they have their own press conference at the annual event. While there's no word as to why this decision has been made other than the company just doesn't want to participate, it now means that there are two marquee events in the middle of June. 

Hey, at least EA had the common courtesy to hold it before the event and not try any kind of overlap.

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