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Street Fighter V receiving a story mode update post-launch

by: Jeremy -
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Capcom is still filling in some of the proverbial blanks when it comes to their upcoming Street Fighter V. The game ships in about three weeks and so far all that we have really seen is the competitive multiplayer aspect of the experience. There is going to be a lot more than though and Capcom is teasing what’s to come with a new trailer released this week.

There is going to be a deep, rich story experience found in Street fighter V that comes in a variety of flavors. First off, when you pick up the game on February 16, you will have access to the individual character stories of each fighter on the playable roster. Each tale will explore the background and personal relationships of each character and chronicle there path up to and including this new chapter. We have seen these before, as they are the tales told through each characters traditional arcade mode experiences.

Another story option is coming as a free addition to the game in June 2016. This content will feature a fully animated story that fills in the gaps between the third and fourth Street Fighter games. I expect this to play out similar to the story mode that has been seen in other fighting games recently, which give you the chance to experience all of the various characters throughout the course of the tale.

You can check out a short glimpse of what is in store for players with this new “cinematic experience” in the trailer below: