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For those looking to upgrade their console or PC storage, Amazon has a great deal right now

by: Nathan -
More On: Xbox One

If there is one thing that is incredibly annoying about this generation of game consoles, it's the almost immediate need to upgrade storage. At this point on both my PS4 and Xbox One, I need to delete full games or installed games off my hard drive just to play something new. I bought a drive like this a few years ago for my PC for my Steam games and even that is slowly reaching capacity. 

I understand they wanted to keep costs down, but these consoles should of had at least 1TB of storage when they launched. 500GB goes incredibly fast when playing physical games, which I mostly do, so I cannot even imagine how fast those hard drives filled up with digital downloads. 

Anyways, if you still need to upgrade your storage, then Amazon is offering the 2TB Seagate portable hard drive for only $79.99 down from $119.99. Great thing about this drive is also the fact that it's plug and play so you just pop it in your Xbox or PC and you are ready to go. Of course upgrading the PS4 drive requires some work as you'll have to take the drive out of the casing.