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New Battleborn Characters Introduced

by: Michelle -
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Two new playable heroes, Deande and Ghalt, have been introduced for the upcoming hero-shooter Battleborn.

Deande is a spymistress for the Jennerit Empire who is a thousand years old. Many of those years have been secretly trying to sabotage the enemy's star killing campaign. With only one star left, Deande can no longer afford to strike from the shadows. Instead, she joins Ghalt and his band of Battleborn rebels to fight the enemy head on. Check out the video highlights for Deande below:


The leader of the Battleborn and the banner carrier for the flight to save the last star, Solus, is Ghalt. Ghalt sends out a rallying cry to anyone who will listen after the fall of the second-to-last star: "Live together, or die alone." Highlights for Ghalt can be seen in this video:

Both Deande and Ghalt are integral to the Battleborn Story Mode. Story Mode can be played singleplayer, 2-player split screen, or as a co-oop with up to 5 players. Battleborn which launches on May 3, 2016 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC will have 25 playable heroes. You can read more about both characters on the official Battleborn blog:

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