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Tweet #EverydayHeroes and Square Enix will help stop bullies

by: Randy -
More On: Life is Strange 2015 Year in Review

Are you a bully? You kinda seem like one. You should stop that. You wanna know someone else putting a stop to bullying? Life Is Strange. On Twitter, publisher Square Enix donates to PACER'S National Bullying Prevention Center for every tweet with an #EverydayHeroes hashtag. Share your story of overcoming adversity, standing up for what's right, or helping a friend in need. Slap #EverydayHeroes onto that tweet. Do some good.

Why are collaborations like this so rare nowadays? Thank you, Life Is Strange, for re-setting the example.

I keep threatening to, but none of us formally reviewed Life Is Strange. Regardless, many of us at Gaming Nexus played it--and loved it enough--to include it in our Favorite Games of 2015 Year in Review.

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