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Gaming Nexus plays (whoops, only about five minutes of) World of Tanks on PS4

by: Randy -
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Here's a five-minute snippet of me on the World of Tanks PS4 opening night earlier this week (Tuesday, January 19). I need to bump my video capture length back up to 15 minutes. I'm piloting a tier 1 tank, a little bruiser from the USSR called an MS-1. The map is called Mines, as in coal mines, not land mines. There's a random day and night cycle, as well good or inclement weather. But this match was sunny and clear.

The video starts with me already advancing up an island along the east side of the Mines map. I'm a light tank, but two medium allies are ahead of me. We encounter an enemy light and medium. We lose one but come out ahead. I play hide and seek behind an enemy carcass, then assist on two light kills. I take a bath crossing the lake, then charge up the map's central feature—where the titular mines are located—and put the finishing touches on a medium kill for the win.

Moving from the Xbox 360 to the PlayStation 4, I'm noticing much more lush environments, naturally. The shrubbery can get in the way when I'm zooming in down the gunsights. There's a ton of diesel smoke coming out of my tank. I mean, it looks like I'm running the thing on charcoal. Also, World of Tanks added a lot more in-game ribbons. There are ribbons for killing lots of guys. Ribbons for killing maybe only one guy. Heck, did you even hit anything? They'll give you a ribbon for that, too. It's not likely these widespread ribbons are new to PS4. I'm just talking about from two years ago when I reviewed World of Tanks for Xbox 360.

Everything runs like butter so far. Except for some of the extra AI chatter. Several times the game told me "We're the only ones left!" when, in fact, I still had several team members alive and well. I'm confident developer Wargaming will fix it quickly.

World of Tanks is free-to-play and found on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. Our review on PS4 is coming soon.

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