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This designer explains why you suck at Tharsis but can't stop playing

by: Randy -
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Look, Tharsis isn't your friend. Tharsis doesn't care about you. Tharsis isn't worried about your hot, bitter tears. But there's a lot to love about this board-game-like dice 'em up. And before you run away from the cannibalistic principles driving Tharsis, and before your face falls in your lap from loss after gruelling loss, take a moment to listen to the design philosophy behind the game.

In this developer commentary, system designer Zach Gage talks about the inspiration behind this great little sci-fi stunner. He cites everything from craps to Dungeons & Dragons as inspiration. 

The game strikes a hearty balance with its tense, beautiful, excruciating moments. I hated it. Then I liked it (Gaming Nexus score: 8 out of 10).

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