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Cities: Skylines announces second expansion Snowfall

by: Travis -
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City building fans rejoice as Paradox Interactive has announced that Cities: Skylines will be receiving a second expansion pack titled Snowfall. As you might have guessed from the name one of the main features of the expansion pack will include an in-game weather system. Visual weather effects such as rain and fog will be included in a free game update.

The expansion pack will expand on the weather more with gameplay effects resulting from the cold weather. Players will need to manage removal of snow from streets in addition to the other added demands of colder weather such as the need for more electricity. Other features include expanded transportation options with trams and more tools to manage one's overall infrastructure. You can see from the attached trailer of how awesome the winter weather looks in-game.

Cities: Skylines Snowfall will launch later this year for Windows, Mac, and Linux.