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1.4 million Elite: Dangerous pilots have played an average of 60 hours

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After one full year out in the wild, Elite: Dangerous is now 1.4 million players deep. If it got a zip code, Elite: Dangerous would be the seventh largest city in the US (sorry, San Diego; you got edged out by a sci-fi space simulator). All in all, not bad for a crowdfunded indie game. It started on PC, made its way to Xbox One, and, as it's headed into season two, recently debuted planetary landings.

Frontier CEO David Braben cites a stunning statistic: Taking into account those 1.4 million pilots, the average playtime is 60 hours. That's crazy. I mean, that's just an average. There are people that probably picked up Elite: Dangerous, flew around for one hour, then gave up. Which conversely means somebody else has put in 120 hours to make up for that average. I don't know, math is hard. But something like that.

Keep doing good things, Elite: Dangerous. Here's to season two.


Frontier Developments' award-winning space epic passes 1.4 million units sold

Cambridge, UK. 14 January 2016. Frontier Developments plc (AIM: FDEV) today announced it has sold 1.4 million units of Elite Dangerous across PC, Mac and Xbox One.

Elite Dangerous launched for PC in December 2014 following a successful crowdfunding campaign. Mac and Xbox One releases followed in May and October of 2015, and regular gameplay updates were released throughout the year.

Elite Dangerous has been a flagship title for virtual reality since its first alpha test in December 2013, and in December 2015 Elite Dangerous became the first triple A game to offer full native SteamVR support.

"We have an amazing player community," Frontier CEO David Braben said. "The average play time among our 1.4 million players is 60 hours—that's a massive 84 million player hours and counting. With the community's feedback, we're constantly making Elite Dangerous better than ever. We have incredible long-term ambition and we will continue to deliver on those ambitions. We will detail more exciting developments for Horizons very soon."

Today Elite Dangerous is heading into its second year with a new season of major gameplay expansions and more exciting events to come in its player-driven narrative and community events.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons (including full access to Elite Dangerous) is available now on PC for $59.99 at and on Steam.

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