Croixleur Sigma hacking its way to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita

by: Randy -
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Look at these anthropomorphic teapots and bomb-shield thingies in Croixleur Sigma. Look at these warrior-schoolgirl outfits. But no, seriously, look at the fiery blue moon, flowery samurai swords, coin-splosion battles, and circular chessboard arenas. I love the confident UI, although I have to deal with the hopelessly generic J-pop soundtrack.

In the land of Ilance, young women compete to reach the top of a Babel-like tower. The goal: Control the land's politics and military, and gain the favor of the queen. The means: Hack-n-slash levels of enemies with four swords you can switch on-the-fly.

Croixleur Sigma is coming from the PC to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, release date TBD.

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