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Payday franchise purchased by Starbreeze, Payday 3 confirmed for release

by: Chapel -
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Popular co-op shooter franchise Payday has been purchased by a new studio, Starbreeze Studios, and now that the franchise is in new hands, some changes are about to be made.

The biggest news to come from this is that Payday 3 is officially going to come out. The future entry was confirmed via discussion of revenue intake between the studios, which you can read about in the press release here.

Next in line is the cancellation of the microtransactions in Payday 2. Everyone hates microtransactions, so doing away with them is a nice show of good faith on the part of Starbreeze.

Finally, Payday 2 will continue to be supported with new content for the next 18 months. Whether or not that is reflective of a tentative release date for Payday 3 is up for debate, but it's good to see fans not being left by the wayside in the meantime.