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CES 2016: PlayStation Gaming at Sony Booth

by: Dan -
More On: PlayStation 4

I was able to stop by the Sony booth today for a quick look see at what they were showing from a gaming perspective. I was actually a bit disappointed from the PlayStation side, as they only had eight stations set up and were showing the following games on the screens:

Released Titles
Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection (2 stations)
Fat Princess Adventures
MLB 15 The Show
Star Wars Battlefront

Unreleased Titles
Street Fighter V
Ratchet and Clank
Shadow of the Beast

There seems to be a shift to the VR side for Sony, as the PlayStation VR has its own area in the Sony booth that we intend to stop by and check out tomorrow. With a rumored 100 games in development for it, Sony seems to have shifted their gaming focus to it for the near future to get it launched with a full complement of content.