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Smite World Championships: Hi-Rez reveals the first Japanese god, Amaterasu

by: Nathan -
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The SMITE World Championship has officially begun and Hi-Rez wasted no time whatsoever in showing off some of the big changes coming to season 3. 

We already knew that a new Pantheon, the Japanese Pantheon would be added to the game and today we learned who would have the honor of being the first god released for it. The first Japanese god is going to be Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess. 

In addition, to celebrate the release of the Japanese Pantheon, Hi-Rez is going to put on a Japanese event in game, like the Summer of SMITE event or a mini odyssey with exclusive items for other characters. Right now there is a Kawaii Neith skin and a Kaiju Sobek skin. More items will be revealed at a later date but if this is a mini odyssey event, there will most likely be a badass skin which you can only get if you buy all the items in the event. 

Check out a preview of Amaterasu below courtesy of Team Dignitas

You can also check out all of the action of this weekends Smite World Championship on SMITE's official Twitch channel.

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