Tharsis could've been called "Roll to Eat Your Fellow Astronaut"

by: Randy -
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Tharsis isn't a game you typically find on PlayStation 4. But it's coming (along with a requisite Steam release). Tharsis is a turn-based strategy game. You're on the first manned mission to Mars. But before you can even hit the atmosphere, a micrometeoroid hits your ship, the Iktomi, at 55,000 mph.

Now it's a fight for survival onboard the Iktomi. Get ready for permadeath. Get ready for everything to go down the drain. Get ready to roll some dice. Expect our review next week. Until then, look at the Iktomi's color palette, the detailed and claustrophobic chambers, and zoom in on the pics below so you can read at the top of each screen how things can go to hell in a handbasket. On this doomed mission, your easiest decision might be who to eat first once the food supply runs out.

Tharsis launches on PlayStation 4 and Windows on Jan. 12.

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