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The world of Elite Dangerous may never be fully mapped out.

by: Sean Cahill -
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If you are a fan of space combat simulators and own a PC, you should be playing Elite: Dangerous at some point in the near future. With the recent launch of Horizons just a couple of weeks ago, the game is as popular as ever. Having hopped onto the game myself, one part that blows me away is the sheer depth of the game's world. Considering we're talking about the Milky Way Galaxy in general, it got me thinking about just how long it would take to map this world out.

A little google searching took me to the Elite Dangerous Trade Database. It seems that this group is trying to map the entire freaking galaxy in one tidy website. It doesn't require any kind of login, but when you get into the site at first, you're greeted with a general picture that is just a bright orange blob that looks like this:


Then you zoom out a little more....


Until you realize just how small you really are.....

The site is fun to play around in and you can search for any system that has been added into the database, including possible quests, who owns the area, and specific steps that have to be followed. The group that's doing this also takes donations, so if you want to thank them for all the work that they've done, feel free to throw them a little coin.

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