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Paladins gets a pre Christmas patch with a couple of new game modes

by: Nathan -
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This was a pleasant surprise. Paladins got a new patch this week and is a little Hi-Rez gift to all of us as it includes two brand new game modes. 

The Siege game mode has been put into it's own separate queue and a new queue called "casual" has been introduced. The casual queue will include random maps and two brand new game modes which will be chosen at random. 

The first new game mode is Assault. In Assault there is no capture points in the match. Instead, Siege Engines will constantly spawn during the match. First team to destroy the enemy vault wins. 

The other new game mode is Capture Point. This is kind of a reverse Assault and is a Domination type mode. In this mode, there are no Siege Engines. Instead, the first team that is able to capture five capture points will win. 

They also introduced a new Challenge Match queue for parties of five to be able to play together or for teams to scrim with each other. 

There were some other changes including bug fixes, buffs and nerfs in this patch. To see them all be sure to check out the full list of patch notes on their official website. 

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