Long Screenshot #2 of The Witness skims the island's west coast

by: Randy -
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Here's a "long screenshot" of imminent 3D puzzler The Witness. It appears to coast along the entire west side of the island.

It's scenic, and the specificity and deliberate placement of each and every scene in here sparks my imagination. There are refurbished ruins in the dunes. There's a lone, dead tree atop a cragy outcropping. A boat house under the pines. Puffy clouds in the sky and reflected in the bluest water you can imagine. A rusted-out oil tanker run aground under a stone fortress. 

It's understandable if you're getting that Myst-y look in your eye. There's no doubt that Jonathan Blow (Braid) wants to tap into that old-island nostalgia.

Visit the dev blog for more information on how things are coming along.

The Witness comes to Windows and PlayStation 4 on January 26. That's only a month out.