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Gamestop wants you to get into console gaming with ALL the systems.

by: Sean Cahill -
More On: Nintendo Wii U PlayStation 4 Xbox One

Occasionally, one gets bored online and starts doing some random clicking. You might start on Wikipedia, see a topic you like, and then look that topic up on a more specific site. During the Holiday shopping season, usually this type of random clicking is done on retail outlets. In one of these random clicking sessions, we managed to come across a rather interesting deal being offered online from Gamestop.

The deal, shown in the picture below, is offering all three major consoles in one package at a steep discount.

Now, it does bear mentioning that this deal is for refurbished consoles, so if you take advantage of this, it might be worth ponying up some extra money to get whatever protection you can in case the systems aren't up to snuff. Also, be sure to inquire about a return policy or warranty as refurbished systems generally have different rules, especially with the original manufacturer.

If you want to check out the deal directly on their website, you can find it here.