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Leaks of the final HTC Vive headset and controller show a more polished look

by: John -
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We all know that the developer kits of the HTC Vive weren't going to look all that consumer friendly. The Vive's launch has been delayed, but that doesn't stop some of the web site developers pushing images of the final product a little earlier. While the pictures weren't linked, someone was able to deduce the image names and find two images.

You can see the controllers are a lot better looking and the headset looks a little more refined. And hey, look at those touchpads that owners of the Steam Controller should be familiar with. The headset now has a camera in the front for many possibilities.

I've got an appointment at CES to experience the consumer version of the Vive and it'll be the first time I try it out so I'm anxious to compare it to the CV of the Oculus Rift. I've heard great things about the HTC Vive.

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