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Bayonetta is coming to Super Smash Brothers

by: Nathan -
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Nintendo held their final Nintendo Direct for Super Smash Brothers and there bunch of cool announcements. The biggest, in my opinion is that news that Bayonetta will be available as a playable character this February. Bayonetta was the number 1 choice for characters fans wanted in the game in Europe and was in the top 5 for North America. She even beat out characters that were previously in Super Smash Brothers games. 

Bayonetta will be a combo character and can chain together flashy combo attacks. You can also hold buttons after ending combos to continue attacking with her guns. She can also use her wicked weaves to smash enemies hanging off an arena. Her signature move is Witch Time which allows her to slow down time and can cause the enemy you are fighting to slow down. Her smash move, Infernal Climax works almost like it does in the games. Time slows down and you have to damage opponents to fill up the meter. Afterwards she will summon Gomorrah and attack those on screen. If a player is over 100% damage, they will be killed instantly. 

The one thing I love about this is how even though she is in a completely different genre, she looks like she will play just like she does in the Bayonetta games. I'm very happy to see more of Bayonetta and I really hope that Nintendo has Bayonetta 3 planned for the near future. 

Be sure to check out the Nintendo Direct below for all of the announcements and be sure to also check out Bayonetta's reveal trailer.