Star Citizen is now live for all players—here's 20 minutes of gameplay

by: Randy -
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There are two types of gamers out there right now. Those that've literally bought into Star Citizen, and those that are jaded as all get out and don't want anything more to do with its quote-unquote big ideas, let alone its richly crowdfunded development cycle (over $100 million as of this writing).

Well, then again, there's the third type of gamer, like me, that's moving from the cynical side of the fence to the let's-finally-take-a-closer-look side. Guess what? It's true what they say: The grass is greener where you water it. I'm really starting to like what I see in Star Citizen. I mean, part of me wants to boil it down to PlayStation's Home in spaaaaace. But the other part of me is starting to eat up the seamless transitions, from my bunk to my mission terminal to the flight deck and into hyperspace. Man.

YouTuber Zaqq put together 20 minutes of recent alpha 2.0 Star Citizen footage. That's too much video to sneak at work—but hey, I managed. And Alpha 2.0 introduces a space station where you can test the first-person shooting. 

Star Citizen is now live for all players. The $100,000,000 in crowdfunding it's received just might eventually be worth it.

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