Sharp black & white photos of Fallout 4's wasteland

by: Randy -
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While some would complain that Fallout 4's map is "small" compared to Fallout 3 (who knows?), the sheer density and attention-to-detail that's gone into Fallout 4's Bostonian wasteland blows my mind. The always-hard-working Dead End Thrills took his screenshot camera out to the Commonwealth and snapped some eye openers. While black and white photos can sometimes too easily give images a pseudo-classy look and feel, this "Walkabout Series" is more startling for its sharp edges and fine-line details in Fallout 4's atomicpunk landscape.

As always, Dead End Thrills does take super hi-res shots, but does not enhance any shots with Photoshop or other external tools. These are just a few select images. See the whole 18-image gallery at Dead End Thrills.