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Ne Zha gets a make over and Ravana gets good in the latest SMITE patch

by: Nathan -
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SMITE is getting a new patch soon and will most likely be the final patch of 2015 and the final patch until after the SMITE World Championships in January 2016 concludes. To finish off Season 2 of SMITE, we have a remodel a rework and some skins. 

First up, everyone's favorite androgynous prince is getting a full remodel. Ne-Zha is getting a a new model, FX, and card art. He also has apparently discovered shoes as well! Standing on fire wheels while barefoot couldn't have been too comfortable. 

Next up, Ravana is getting some major changes to his kit. To be blunt, up until this point, Ravana was trash. Here is a quote from the devs about his changes... 

No longer limited to punching with one-hand, Ravana has a few new skills to get into the fray and mix it up! Overall with this rework we wanted to see what Ravana was missing and give him some tools he needed. His Ultimate now acts as a more potent engagement tool that can be used without the need to lock-onto a target, as well as packs a much larger punch. His passive will now also provide him a shield, which will reward him for staying engaged into a fight and giving him much needed survivability when he is in the thick of it. We are excited to see how everyone enjoys Ravana, the Demon King of Lanka! "

There are also some new skins coming this patch.

First up is the opera based skin, "Brynhildr" Bacchus. This was a community skin where last year the SMITE community voted on which Bacchus skin they wanted. The one that ended up winning was "The King" the Elvis based skin, so they decided to give us the other one. 

The next skin is "Siege Engine" Xing Tian, another metallic, steam punkish type skin. 

Finally, Chiron gets his Tier 2 skin "Chevalier", and Artemis gets her updated Mastery skins. 

For the full list of changes, including all the buffs and nerfs (awww yeah, Ah Puch buffs!) be sure to check out their official website.

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