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Sparrow racing finally comes to Destiny

by: Jeremy -
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In an announcement that many, including myself, feel is long overdue, Bungie has finally brought Sparrow racing to the world of Destiny, at least for owners of The Taken King. The new feature was included in this week’s title update and will run through December 29.

The new Sparrow Racing League will pit you against five other players in a death race through the game’s most iconic locales on Mars and Venus. You are going to have to deal with more than just your five opponents, but also the deadly environments and various enemies that you will encounter along the course. There are a variety of special rewards available for participants, including limited edition gear and new Sparrows, that are only available through the new mode.

The Sparrow racing feature is only around for a limited time during this holiday season, so you will want to check it out before it is gone. I would imagine that this could become somewhat of a special event that we could see pop up at different points in the year, around the bigger holidays recognized throughout the world.