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The President of Sony plays No Man's Sky for the first time

by: Randy -
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As if to further prove that, no, No Man's Sky isn't vaporware, Sean Murray, Director at Hello Games, sat down with Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony's Worldwide Studios. 

The two sit down and trade controllers for a bit of No Man's Sky, engaging in some interplanetary travel, some kill-and-be-killed by the galactic sentries roving the planets, and, in general, being all smiles as they soar through the now expectantly beautiful screens.

Yoshida lobs a few questions at Murray, and Murray answers them in his typically boyish fashion. No, there are no commonalities between planets, even if they're within a moon's-distance of one another. Yes, Murray does expect players to reach the goal-tended center of the galaxy, "But it will be a long time." And, at one point, Yoshida says that he learned something: "This game has been amazing to watch," Yoshida says. "Now I know it's really fun to play."

No Man's Sky launches in June 2016 simultaneously for PC and PlayStation 4.