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Street Fighter V announcements galore

by: Jeremy -
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The PlayStation Experience proved to be a very informative weekend for Street Fighter V fans. There were a ton of announcements and reveals that stemmed from the show and the Capcom Cup event.

First off, the final character of the game’s base roster has been revealed and it is newcomer F.A.N.G. This is a very strange character who appears to be unlike any of the other fighters in the game. While the designs of most of the characters we have seen so far have focused on more realistic looks (style wise), F.A.N.G. has a strange, almost doll like design with extreme proportions. Plus, his voice makes him come across as extremely over the top. Despite all of this, I really like the way that he looks and he should make an interesting addition to the roster. You can check out his reveal trailer below.

A season pass for the game was also revealed which will add six new characters to the game throughout 2016. While we knew previously that there were six DLC characters coming, we did not know there identities. The details of the season pass, which will cost $29.99, reveals that the six new fighters will be: Alex, Guile, Balrog, Ibuki, Juri and Urien. Season pass purchasers will also get an additional premium costume for each character. Remember, each of the characters will also be available for purchase separately with both real world and in-game money; you can earn them all without spending a dime with a little time and dedication to the game. The characters will sell for 600 Zenny / $6 (in-game currency) individually, while the included premium costumes will also be available for 400 Zenny / $4. You can earn Zenny in the game or buy it from the in-game store for $1 per 100 Zenny; discounts will be applied when buying larger amounts.

Street Fighter V launches on the PC and PS4, with Cross Play support, on February 16, 2015.