PlayStation Now has lowered its yearly subscription price

by: John -
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Hankering for some PlayStation 3 games on your PlayStation 4? Well, the streaming service, PlayStation Now, has just had a nice price reduction for a yearly subscription.

$100 will net you 12 months of unlimited game streaming from the service. That roughly translates to about $8.33 a month. With that you get access to hundreds of PlayStation 3 games to be played on your PlayStation 4, Vita, select Sony TVs, and a few other devices.

I've tried a few game streaming services and had pretty good success with them, but your mileage may vary. IF you have a good, solid Internet connection and want to play some old games, this is a good deal. The service adds new games every month and this month they are adding some Warner Bros and LEGO games to play.

You can try it out free for 7 days to make sure it works well for you, but having unlimited access to a huge library of PlayStation 3 games at $100 a year is a pretty fine deal now.