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Firewatch runs off into the woods at PlayStation Experience 2015

by: Randy -
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Developer Campo Santo showed up at PlayStation Experience 2015, showing off 10 minutes of early, unscripted Firewatch gameplay. Man my excitement keeps building for this one. It used to be kindled, but now it's a bonfire, eh, eh?

Firewatch writer, Sean Vanaman, got a controller in his hand, and he talks through the hyper-context-sensitive story material. The game takes place in the national forests of Wyoming in 1989. The tunes are banging, the technology is primitive, and there are some darn teenagers out here in the woods being all drunk and irresponsible with fireworks. Hey, that's kind of a big deal when your boss is Smokey Bear and your one job is to literally be on the lookout for these kinds of hazards. 

What you report or don't report to your boss—her name's Delilah, actually, not Smokey—is wildly relevant to how your walkie-talkie conversations go down. And not talking is a perfectly viable option, Vanaman assures us.

Everytime I think I've got my expectations under control for this one, another wonderful tidbit like this comes along and gets me fired up (eh? How about now?) for Firewatch's February 9, 2016, launch on PC, Mac, and PlayStation 4.

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