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Stone Age pics of Far Cry Primal

by: Randy -
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One more post, since Far Cry Primal has got my attention piqued at the moment. Here are four new screenshots of the Stone Age open-world game. Now, I want to believe that these are really gameplay pics, but I'll maintain a healthy skepticism at the moment. Well, I'm noting that there's a difference between in-engine and actual gameplay screenshots, which might be what's happening here, but:

That's beside the point! These make the world of Primal look and feel pretty rich. I mean, look at that golden air. Look at that snowy blanket. Look at those insta-death cliffs you can fall off. And look at that draw distance with that insane glacier in the background. *Brrrr*.

Again, Far Cry Primal heads to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 23, and PC on March 1.