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New art for Vampyr from the makers of Life Is Strange

by: Randy -
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With Life Is Strange, Dontnod Entertainment had my full attention. Now this intrepid studio is taking on the Spanish Flu in early 1900s London—along with the undead's classiest spokesmen—in Vampyr

You're a doctor. And then you're a vampire. England is buckling under the swift and merciless scythe of the Spanish Flu Pandemic, and your origin story will have you saving or sacrificing people. What's stronger: Your humanity, or your hunger?

Dontnod released three new pieces of concept art today. Things are looking dark, dismal, and, naturally, Gothic in Jolly Old England. There are red crosses, cathedral crosses, and corroded cross streets. We'll be keeping our eye on this one.

Vampyr is looking far ahead at a 2017 launch.

The world of Vampyr revealed in new artwork depicting the peak of London's Spanish Flu
Acclaimed game-development studio Dontnod and publisher Focus Home Interactive today showcase new artwork for their new RPG Vampyr, set in 1918, during the peak of the Spanish flu that laid waste to London's once bustling population.

Following the First World War, Europe is crushed, with its remaining cities ravaged by a foreign influenza. It is spreading through London's alleyways and streets, diminishing her numbers daily. As her inhabitants shutter themselves attempting to avoid infection, only saints and fools remain outside. Those that remain lay as prey to a new predator, schooled in war and deadlier than influenza: the Vampires.

Unbeknownst to her inhabitants, they prowl among them, blending into the coughs and anguished cries of London's despoiled, post-War clean-up and restoration efforts. With a city once again under siege, it has never been easier to hide, but so too has there never been a better opportunity to come into the light!

Get a taste of London's expansive network of diseased-riddled alleys and shuttered night-time streets in three new artworks for Vampyr, coming 2017 to PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Prowl the disease-ridden streets in Vampyr ?? a darkly atmospheric action-RPG from the studio behind 'Remember Me' and 'Life is Strange', developed using Unreal Engine 4.
Set in early 20th century Britain during a bout of the lethal Spanish flu, the streets of London are crippled by disease, violence and fear. In a completely disorganized and ghostly city, those who are either fools, desperate, or unlucky enough to walk the streets lay prey to Britain's most elusive predators: the Vampires.

Emerging from the chaos, a tormented figure awakes; as the player, it is you who determines how to harness your new powers, by specializing in deadly, versatile RPG skill-trees that change the way you play. As a doctor recently turned into a Vampire, you try to understand your new affliction. Your quest of intuition, discoveries and struggles, will be filled with death and drama, while your attempt to stem the irrepressible thirst that constantly drives you to take human lives.

As you cling to what remains of your humanity, your decisions will ultimately shape the fate of your hero while searching for answers in the coughing, foggy aftermath of the Spanish Flu.

Explore a darkly atmospheric early 20th century London.
Play a tormented and powerful Vampire learning the rules of your new condition. A man of science, a beast of the night: Your toughest battles will be within yourself.
Build your own combat style through a wide range of crafted weapons and powerful Vampire abilities to defeat a large and unique bestiary.
Choose your fate: moral choices will shape your story. How human could a Vampire be, when he must feed?