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Newest SMITE patch introduces some divas and some demons

by: Nathan -
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SMITE is getting a new patch soon and brings with it tons of new skins and some balance changes going into the SMITE World Championship

First up we have the "Demon Soul" and "Ebonsoul" Serqet. The Ebonsoul skin is only available via a bundle that will include both skins. The bundle is limited and will only last until December 15th. After that, the Ebonsoul skin will never be available again. 

Next up we have Lady Gaga "Diva" Aphrodite and there will be MANY Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and references to other pop stars. 

The newest Odyssey item as also been revealed and will be "Steel Scarab" Khepri. A new skin that could be added to the mech family like "Metal Carnage" Fenrir and "G.E.B. 1" Geb

Isis will also be getting a rework of her mastery skins to bring them more in line like the newer Gold, Legendary and Diamond skins like Bellona's and Anubis's. 

Finally we have "Father Time" Chronos. Chronos is now and old man and if you have never picked up the Chronos voice pack, now is the time to do so as it's hilarious. When he rewinds, he turns into a baby during the rewind. Seriously it's amazing. This skin is available via the "New Year's" chest, meaning it will be going away once the chest expires. 

As for the rest of the changes, there were some balance updates going into the SMITE World Championships including some surprising buffs and nerfs to gods that are usually not seen in this section. Anhur got a buff and Hel and Xbalanque will be suffering some nerfs. 

For the full patch notes, be sure to check out SMITE's official website. 

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