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Dying Light season pass receiving price increase on Dec. 8

by: Travis -
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Developer Techland has announced that beginning on December 8 that the Dying Light season pass price will increase from $20 to $30. The reason behind the price increase comes as a result from the development of The Following, which is an upcoming expansion that's included in the season pass. The developers describe the price increase as a result from the expanded scale of the expansion pack in regards to all the content that is now included.

Most noteworthy about Techland's decision to up the season pass price is them providing a couple of weeks for those on the fence to jump on the cheaper price now. It's much better than a stealth price increase or say raising the price to $50 like other games have done with their season passes.

I recently picked up Dying Light when it was half off during a Steam sale and am loving the parkour infused zombie survival gameplay. Dying Light is available now on Windows, Linux, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.