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Lead singer of Breaking Benjamin breaks Battlefront disc after EA requests promotion

by: Chapel -
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Next in line to express disapproval of the controversial Star Wars Battlefront is Breaking Benjamin frontman Benjamin Burnley, who posted a picture on his Instagram account of a broken Battlefront disc and some choice words to go along with it. Among other things, Burnley said he would "rather watch the god awful prequels then [sic] play this peice [sic] of **** game for one more second" and tells EA at large precisely where they can stick it.

If his post is to be believed, it appears EA reached out to Burnley to work out some sort of promotion, and clearly Burnley feels differently and doesn't quite support the product.

Despite the fact that Battlefront has gotten largely positive reviews from many critics, the reaction among fans has been significantly more fragmented, perhaps due to the personal love many have for the Star Wars franchise, in what is one of the most drastically dividing game releases in quite some time.

Check out Burnley's Instagram post and the ensuing comments here, but beware that there be foul language ahead.

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