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Hi-Rez gives us a sneak peak at "Ragnarok Force X" Thor and the new Japanese pantheon

by: Nathan -
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The SMITE World Championship is coming up at the beginning of January and with it means that the Odyssey is coming to a close. The Odyssey is an event in SMITE where each week, new items including exclusive skins, icons, emotes and such are added. When you buy a certain amount of them, you can unlock free bonus items. If you unlock every item, then you can get yourself a pretty sweet reward. Last year was the "Archon" Thanatos skin which evolves over the course of the match. This years reward is the "Ragnarok Force X" Thor skin and Hi-Rez gave us a sneak peak at how this skin will work. 

Unlike last year where the skin evolved as you leveled up, this years skin will transform Thor from a pilot to a full blown mech as the match goes on. The other cool thing about the skin is that it will apparently have a special soundtrack that plays in the background during matches instead of the usual background score for each game mode. 

Just like "Archon" Thanatos last year, the only way to get this skin is to buy every single item that is made available in the Odyssey. Also, just like last year, once the Odyssey is over, this skin will never, EVER, be made available again. It is gone forever. 

Finally, we a little tease at the brand new Japanese pantheon that will be making it's debut in SMITE next year. We don't know who the gods were that were teased but the official SMITE Reddit seems to believe that the female was Amaterasu and the male may be Susanoo. We will know for sure soon as full details about the first Japanese god or goddess will be revealed at the SMITE World Championships, January 7th - January 10th. 

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