A dozen really good Fallout 4 tips (and three fake ones)

by: Randy -
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Guys, guys, we can't stop eating/breathing/vaping Fallout 4. There are several of you out there with the same problem. So, with the hundreds of hours of combined Fallout 4 experience we have here at Gaming Nexus, we've compiled a short list of tips. Just whatever we happened to think of. We weren't creating a walkthrough. We just wanted to throw down some stuff that was like, "Huh, I hadn't think of that at first." Oh, and just to make things interesting, three of our tips are completely bogus. But we'll let you figure out which ones they are.

Tip #588: If you spot a behemoth, make a beeline for the nearest hollowed-out bus and take potshots until he dies.

Tip #57: If you try on a new set of clothing, glance at third-person view to make sure it didn't strip off all your armor pieces in the process.

Tip #942: Glowing ghouls are attracted to energy and plasma weapons. If you see one, drop all your weapons that use one of the two ammo types, and run away. The glowing ghouls will stand in the middle of the pile and roll around in them, which makes them easier to kill. [Okay, that's ridiculous. That's one of the three fake tips. Have fun identifying the others, though. - ed]
Tip #633: If you're being chased across the wasteland by, say, six super mutants and their equally mutated dogs, run for your nearest populated settlement. Your settlers will join in the fight. This works even better if you've got a turret or two up and running.
Tip #200: Use drugs. If you have moral reservations against drugs, then don't think of them as drugs. Think of them as temporary boosts. Like picking up a red mushroom or a flashing star in Super Mario Bros. No one thinks of Mario and Luigi as drug addicts.
Tip #828: If you want to do an auto aim, go into VATS, then go out of it. Your weapon will be trained on the enemy you had in VATS.
Tip #91: If the game has grown insurmountably hard in the past, oh, 10 hours or so—you're getting one-shotted by mole rats and you die from land mines even when you've sprinted 50 yards away—then check and make sure you didn't accidentally ratchet the difficulty level all the way up to Survival. 
Tip #279: As early as you can, head to Cambridge and join the Brotherhood of Steel. Knight Rhys will offer you an unending series of easy missions that allow you to get a head start on experience, weapons, ammo, and armor.
Tip #141: The Yao Guai work only come after you if you are moving. If you stand still, they'll only nudge you a few times before the walk away.
Tip #884: Desk fans, hot plates, cameras, and telephones are the Four Horsemen of the (post)Apocalypse loot. They can be salvaged for crystal, copper, screws, and other important and semi-rare materials.
Tip #100: If you lose your companion, try fast traveling back to the settlement you found them in. They will often be there when you arrive. 
Tip #505: At early levels, carry at least one unassaigned point in perks. You never know what might be around the corner, so, having that point handy to choose between lockpicking or hacking, whichever is more useful when you actually round that bend, could be the difference between an open door or taking the long way around. 
Tip #408: Put on a hazmat suit if you're fighting Children of Atom and their radiation-wave-shooting guns. Otherwise you'll be popping Rad Away with Stimpak chasers the rest of the night.
Tip #190: Rethink your notions of "loot." No longer should you instantly sell weapons or armor taken from enemies. Instead, think about them in terms of scrapping for resources. Speaking of resources, spend some time between missions to go on scavenging runs in which the focus is gathering resources like steel, wood, and plastic to further improve settlements.
Tip #704: When first setting up a new settlement, make sure to have the first settler designated as a convoy to another one of your settlements. Supply routes become vital as they allow you to pool your resources together from all your settlements, which removes the hassle of having to travel between places to grab supplies.
Tip #19: If you find a mini-nuke, here's an easy trick: Just hold it in front of you and walk around if you run into super mutants. Super mutants are afraid of them and will run away on sight. Your companion can then pick them off easily. [Aaaand that's a fake, too. And, if you ignored our tips about the Yao Guai and holding mini-nukes in front of super mutants, then you've identified all three of our fakes. Stay safe out there. - ed]