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Life is Feudal is out now, and with a discount

by: Rob -
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Bitbox has released their open-world, medieval sandbox Life is Feudal: Your Own on Steam, and is offering a 40% discount as part of Midweek Madness on Steam. The game was in early access, so what's on offer now? Well, the core game is now finished, and features enhanced visuals and a a redesigned UI using DirectX 11, expanded character customization, and gameplay refinements. Moving forward, the developers claim the game "will continue to evolve and grow with its community throughout the coming months and years with additional player-requested features, new content, and the Life is Feudal MMO."

Some more key features they would like to point out:

  • 64-player, 3km x 3km world in a realistic, medieval setting.
  • Create persistent worlds by your rules, including skill-caps, populations, and even permadeath.
  • Utilize modular building tools to create villages, cities, and fortresses.
  • Terraform the landscape above- and below-ground with nearly limitless freedom.
  • Make the character of your choosing with class-free character progression.
  • Hundreds of items to craft, from weapons and clothing, to buildings and decorations.
  • Repel the attacks of other players, or join with friends to build an army and conquer.
  • Physics-based combat using mouse and character movement. No lock-on targeting.

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