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Street Fighter V’s tutorial is a trip down memory lane

by: Jeremy -
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Capcom has said, almost from the start, that their goal was to make the upcoming Street Fighter V the “most accessible” entry in the franchise to date. With all of the various mechanics and systems used in modern fighting games, that is a hefty goal. The developer is now starting to show off just how they plan to accomplish that with a new video.

In the video below, you will get your first glimpse at Street Fighter V’s all new tutorial mode. This mode of the game not only teaches you the ins and outs of both old and new Street Fighter mechanics, but also serves as a retelling of Ryu and Ken’s origin story. It’s really cool to see the canon history of the game used in such a beneficial manner. It’s not only a means of strengthening a new player’s foundation, but also reinforcing the deep back stories of the characters. This is the just the first part of the game’s tutorial mode; hopefully it dives deeper into the lore of this great franchise.