Glitches gonna glitch in Fallout 4

by: Randy -
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Fallout 4, we love you. But, you know, you're a really big game. You do a lot of things. Some say you do too much. Entirely too much. You should sit down, well, do some Tai Chi, and then sit down and have this cup of English Breakfast tea with milk and honey. Because you be glitchin', Fallout 4. They're not always mind-blowing glitches. Thankfully, the game-breakers are minimal, and the rest is just oh-well-that's-kinda-crazy-right? glitches.

Anyway, Home World Hero assembled a chuckle-worthy compilation. It's good to watch this kind of stuff, so we can all shake our heads together, and then continue splitting wigs and peeling caps across the wasteland.