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The Norse SMITE odyssey item is the cutest thing ever

by: Nathan -
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That little squirrel, Ratatoskr, is already the most adorable character added in SMITE so far, but I seriously cannot handle the cuteness that is this Norse contribution to this years Odyssey. 

This years Norse item is the "Ragnatoskr" Ratatoskr skin where he wears a Fenrir costume and pretends to be Fenrir. Needless to say, it is the god damn cutest thing ever. 

For those unaware, the Odyssey features rare items for SMITE including skins, ward skins, emotes, icons and more. When you buy a certain amount of items, you are awarded free stuff and that stuff is limited and once the Odyssey is over, they are gone for good. 

SMITE also got a new god and a preview of the new game mode "Clash", which is extremely fun. It's like a mini version of Conquest but also blends in some Arena as well. If you want to check it out, you will have until December 1st to do so. 

The SMITE Super Regionals are also in full swing in which six teams from North America and six teams from Europe will battle over the next six days (November 17th - November 22nd). Only five teams will advance including two from North America, two from Europe and then a wildcard team from either NA or EU. Be sure to check out all the action on their official Twitch channel.

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