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NVIDIA drops a guy playing Street Fighter in his living room from a plane. Why? Because, why not

by: Nathan -
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I'm sure at one time or another you have seen skydiving stunts where someone is dropped from a plane in a car. Well, have you ever seen someone jump from a plane in a living room? Now you have as NVIDIA dropped a man from a C-130 Hercules in a living room complete with a flat screen TV, SHIELD Android TV, a coffee table, couch and even a cat! Don't worry, the cat wasn't harmed in the filming of this stunt. 

To celebrate the stunt, NVIDIA is giving people a SHIELD remote for free when you buy the SHIELD Android TV and the SHIELD controller for $199. For details on the offer, check out the following link...

Thank god for that "Professional stunt. Do not attempt" warning. I was about to go try this myself. Oh well.

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