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Life is Strange is getting a limited edition, retail release early next year

by: Nathan -
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The incredible adventure that was Life is Strange has come to an end and while I sadly thought the ending was a little disappointing, it still didn't ruin what was the probably the best game and the best story that I have experienced all year. If you haven't played Life is Strange yet then you can pick up all of the episodes on one disk as the game will get a retail release on January 19th 2016. There will also be a limited edition and comes with the following content.

  • Boxed disk version of all five Life is Strange episodes 
  • 32 page artbook featuring unreleased concept images 
  • Licensed soundtrack 
  • Directors commentary 

I already played through Life is Strange digitally but I will absolutely be picking up the limited edition for this when it's released. Personally, I still love collecting games, and by that I mean boxed copies. This is game that even if I never open the boxed version, id just love to have it on display on my shelf with all my other games. 

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