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Chiron gallops onto the battlefield! A new god, a new game mode, TONS of skins and the announcement of a new Pantheon in the next SMITE patch

by: Nathan -
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SMITE is getting a new patch soon and with it we are getting a new Hunter from the Greek Pantheon. Chiron, the half man, half horse will gallop his way onto the battlefield and also brings with him some interesting mechanics for a hunter. First off, he can heal a teammate, he can cleanse crowd control, and he also is the first god added in the game where he can auto attack while he uses his charge/escape ability. His Ultimate ability is pretty unique as well. Chiron turns into the constellation Centarus, while in this form he can fire three shots. If he is killed while in this form, he will live until he runs out of arrows and then die. If he manages to get a kill in this form, he will be brought back to life. 

Next up is the new game mode. "Clash" was revealed in the last patch and went into the private test session. The test went to well so Clash will be going into beta and will be available for everyone to play until December 1st. To read up on how Clash works, be sure to check out the Patch Notes from October 29th

Next up tons of skins including "Furiona" Bellona. Or as Hi-Rez jokingly called it "Furious Max" Bellona or "Disgruntled Max" Bellona. Well played. 

Next, in my opinion, one of the greatest skins ever released in SMITE so far, "Ba5s Drop" Janus, complete with dubstep and auto-tune.

There will also be a new "Child's Play" chest where the proceeds will be donated to the Child's Play Charity. You can get the new "Nutcracker" Ah Puch and "Child's Play" Scylla skins.

Finally, Khepri is getting his gold, legendary and diamond skins.  

Some of these skins are going to be part of the Odyssey so here is the schedule for the next three weeks in terms of when you can get these skins 

  • "Ba5s Drop" Janus - Odyssey Week 9
  • "Furiona" Bellona - Odyssey Week 10
  • "King of the Ring" Ravana - Odyssey Week 11

The final announcement is something that players have been wanting for a long time. Chrion will be the final god released in 2015. The next god will be released in 2016 and will be Japanese. The Japanese Pantheon has been confirmed and will be added in 2016. No info on who the first god will be but there will probably be more info once they get close to the SMITE World Championship.

For the full list of patch notes including all the..... actually there were no buffs or nerfs this week, but we can now thankfully surrender 5 minutes into a match if players don't load in. Anyways, check out the full list on their official website.

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