Target is not enjoying the negative PR over allegations of employees buying and ebaying Nuka Cola

by: Sean Cahill -
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This story is starting to get fun.

Earlier today, we reported on a story that Target employees were buying all of the collector's bottles of Nuka Cola that became available today. The retailing giant apparently hasn't been following what has since been called a company-wide policy where employees are not allowed to purchase items like this. The reddit thread has grown since that story and more people are reporting similar issues in that the stores failed to follow policy and employees purchased the bottles in order to turn a profit on eBay.

The website Pissed Consumer has been taking in complaints on this all day, and while there are 1,800 complaints on Target's section of the website, not all of them are about the shortage or employee purchasing. Digging through the complaints, it would appear that some stores didn't even bother to follow policy at all. According to one user in Vero Beach, Florida, the store didn't seem to care at all what was going on.

Went to buy Nuka Cola Quantum soda at 10:30.I found no sign of it anywhere, (only available starting this morning 11/10/2015).

Found a group of employees stacking shel[ves] and asked them about it. Their response was "product was gone 10 minutes after store opened. Someone was allowed to buy 10 cases. One guy said "Thats Vero for ya".

Another complaint comes from Arizona, where it seemed that nobody even know what the product was, which seems a little silly.

How can you advertise a promotional product in every target add and not have that product?We ran around this morning to several targets at 8 am in Phoenix, AZ .

The young man on bell road ran around the day before it was supposed to be released. We were trying to get the jump and be there to get one. Very nice person trying to find out for us the information to purchase the quantum Nuka Cola. No one seemed to know where the product was or any information even the managers were in the dark.

It would appear as though Target didn't know what to expect or simply underestimated the demand for the product. It has since been reported that Target was doing the initial launch as a test to see how popular the item would be. Since the entire nation appears to be wiped out, the company has reportedly stated they will be doing more shipments next week (This information was obtained via a local Target in Columbus, Ohio) so for those who got left out in the cold today, you may very well get your chance soon enough.