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New Nintendo Direct could bring badge collecting stateside

by: Jeremy -
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Nintendo fans have been waiting for months for a new Nintendo Direct. Many wondered if we would see another one after the passing of Iwata, since they were sort of his “baby”. We’re about to find out just how the Nintendo Direct concept is going to move forward as Nintendo prepares to launch a new one this week. A new Nintendo Direct has been scheduled for this coming Thursday, November 12, 2016. The broadcast will go on the air at 2pm PST.

It isn’t known exactly which games will be discussed during the presentation, but I have an idea of one that could be shown. Nintendo has announced the release of Nintendo Badge Arcade in Europe this Friday after being available in Japan for a good part of the past year. This game allows player to collect official Nintendo badges that they earn by playing a virtual crane game which can then be used to decorate the system menu of their 3DS system(s). New badges have been added weekly since the original launch in Japan, which now offers more than 3,000 different badges. Surely the U.S. isn’t going to be left out and the timing matches up perfectly with the new Nintendo Direct. Expect this game to be announced and released this week.

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