Celebrate the launch of Fallout 4 by ramming giant soccer balls with cars

by: Jeremy -
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Today is a big day for a lot of gamers as Bethesda’s Fallout 4 is launching into stores. Nearly all of our staffers are playing the game or have been playing the game for a few days now, except for John, who is still waiting for Amazon to live up to their shipping promises. That doesn’t mean that he can’t celebrate the launch of the game though, all that he needs to do is fire up Rocket League on either his PC or PlayStation 4.

This week’s Rocket League title update added a ton of things to the game, most notably the modifier option to tweak the gameplay a variety of ways. It also added a whole bunch of new antennae that you can equip on your favorite cars. Among those antennae is a tribute to Fallout in the form of an official Vault Boy antennae! It doesn’t add anything to the game but it sure looks great flying around the soccer field. There are a bunch of other nods to different franchises included in the new update, including antennae referencing Unreal, Oddworld and Driveclub.