If you wanted Nuka Cola, you're probably out of luck

by: Sean Cahill -
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A couple of weeks ago, retail giant Target announced that they would be selling Nuka Cola bottles of soda that were created by Jones Soda Company. The bottles were going to be sold at $3 a pop with quantities unknown beyond the launch of Fallout 4. While we understand that people see this as a collector's item, it would appear that it's already gotten out of hand, because almost every Target nationwide is sold out and people are not happy.

If you hop over to Reddit, there's a thread posted up on /r/fallout where people are saying that Target employees are buying up the bottles as well as seeing men basically ignore everyone else and buying every last bottle that they can. In almost every instance, it would appear that the bottles are destined for eBay, and a very quick search of the auction site shows that's exactly the case, with individual bottles approaching $200 a shot.

Now, there's no way to confirm if the people posting these up are all Target employees. Chances are good that they aren't, though it appears that more than one person in the thread on Reddit are confirming that employees were doing similar actions. Talking with some of our staff this morning, who are spread across the country, the report was that there were lines waiting outside and that managers were limiting quantities to one or two per person, depending on what they had in stock. This is how it should be. Unfortunately, not everyone uses common sense.